L.A.?s April Center for Anxiety Management Offers Relief for Upcoming Holidays

L.A.’s April Center for Anxiety Management Offers Relief for Upcoming Holidays

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 29, 2011

Holiday celebrations are a treasured part of the American culture, but for some they are more Grinch and goblins than warm fuzzy family traditions and good cheer. In fact, 40 million Americans are affected by anxiety disorders, according to the National Institute of Mental Health.

“Instead of embracing family gatherings and getting excited about e-Invites and parties, a large percentage of the population feels a growing sense of foreboding,” says Los Angeles anxiety doctor, Dr. Craig April Ph.D., the founder of The April Center for Anxiety Management. “While others are singing and sharing cider or eggnog, many suffer full-blown panic attacks or see OCD behaviors rear their ugly heads during all the holiday hype.”

“Anxiety sufferers, however, do not have to brave it alone,” says the licensed psychologist. In addition to its clinical practice, The April Center now offers a therapeutic “Anxiety Reduction Zen Meditation Program,” which is designed to squelch fear, phobias, worry and social anxiety with the practice of present moment mindfulness. Available as an e-book, the program can be downloaded instantly for $ 9.95 at http://www.kickfear.com/anxiety-meditation.html.

“Anxiety is treatable, but it doesn’t just go away by itself,” says Dr. April, who is a featured psychologist on the A&E TV documentary series ‘Obsessed.’ “You have to make the decision to do something about your stress and unwanted thoughts. I’ve helped clients make amazing progress in the relief of their anxiety. The zen technique that I teach patients at my clinic are the same strategies featured in this downloadable e-book program.”

The meditation program teaches how to become mindful, living in the present while simultaneously adopting the role of observer. This allows anxiety sufferers to access a calm presence when wrapped up in anxiety-producing past and future thinking. The program has no faith-based affiliation.

“Zen Meditation is helpful for everyone, but especially for those seeking non-pharmaceutical anxiety, phobia and OCD treatment,” says Dr. April. “It also provides a method for intercepting those negative toxic thoughts that victimize us – the ones that keep us from going to the Holiday party or getting on a plane to join loved ones for a meal of turkey, pie and family time.”

According to The Anxiety Disorders Association of America:

    6.8 million adults are affected by Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
    2.2 million Americans suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
    6 million Americans are afflicted by Panic Disorder
    Women experience panic attacks that lead to panic disorder twice as often as men
    15 million people suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder

While stressful events like a fender bender create temporary angst, anxiety disorders worsen as time goes by. Symptoms vary, but all include excessive and irrational fears. Sufferers tend to devote a lot of mental and physical energy as they worry about their phobias and next anxiety attack. Avoidance of the feared stimulus becomes an overarching pattern, which can lead to a life of limitation.

“During the holidays, some anxiety sufferers start avoiding social interaction. They turn down invitations because of fear-inducing ‘what-ifs,’ and sometimes they drink alone to dull their fear and depression,” said Dr. April. “On the flip side, to seek control, others run themselves ragged during the holidays trying to paint a Hallmark moment. They over spend, over commit and over compensate. It costs a fortune and it’s unrealistic. Plus, neither helps resolve debilitating anxiety or OCD.”

“Everyone can learn to face what scares them. My Anxiety Reduction Zen Meditation program helps those with anxiety, OCD, panic attacks and phobias to learn to live in the moment,” says Dr. April. “Who wouldn’t want some calm and freedom this holiday season?”

Interested in speaking with Dr. Craig April? Email him at DrApril(at)KickFear(dot)com or call

(310) 429-1024.

About: The April Center for Anxiety Attack Management-

Founded in Los Angeles by Dr. Craig April, PhD., The April Center for Anxiety Attack Management, 6404 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles 90048, is one of the better known anxiety treatment centers on the West Coast. Individual and group therapy are offered with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy shaped to fit each client’s particular fear or struggle. Dr. April has been in practice for more than 15 years and is a member of The Anxiety Disorders Association of America and The Obsessive Compulsive Foundation. He has been quoted nationally, been an international radio guest and served on filmed panels. He is an active speaker in the community.


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