INK Announces Finalists in Prison Writing Contest

INK Announces Finalists in Prison Writing Contest

Houston (PRWEB) October 17, 2014

INK, the country’s most ambitious prison writing program, announces finalists in its first nation-wide prison writing contest. Vidahlia Press and Publishing House, Inc., an independent book publisher, launched INK in 2013 to provide a literary outlet for those who are incarcerated in federal, state and county institutions. Thousands of incarcerated writers across the U.S. responded and the finalists exhibit exceptional literary talent and promise as literary artists.

“History has shown that many of America’s greatest writers have penned their work while incarcerated, often in deplorable conditions,” said Roy J. Rodney Jr., Publisher and President at Vidahlia Press and Publishing House, Inc. “INK is a combination of the company’s desire to pay it forward and its belief that the mass incarceration of almost three million citizens in the Unites States includes many exceptional literary artists.”

Winners will be announced on October 22, 2014 to coincide with the 19th Annual Day of Protest Against Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation. This event is part of the National Month of Resistance to Mass Incarceration, an effort that aims to stop the unjust incarceration of nearly three million people in the United States; the highest rate of incarceration in the world. Vidahlia Press and INK join the fight to strike a blow against mass incarceration by shedding a new light on talent in prison and offering these individuals an opportunity to become successful literary artists.

The first place winners of the INK: Prison Writing Contest will receive either $ 500 or a correspondence course at Adams State University in Colorado. Adams State University has generously offered to provide at least one scholarship for our contest winners. The top three in each category and several others will be featured in the upcoming publication, From These Many Rooms: An Anthology of Selections from the INK Prison Writing Contest.

Selected literally submissions will be included in an anthology called From These Many Rooms which can be preordered at

Poetry Finalists

“A Poem in Five Chapters” by Christopher Myers
“Antonio Machado Wrote the World” by Francisco Wills
“Bird’s Eye View” by Sydney Duff
“Poem”, “Song of Body Healing”, “I don’t know what I expected”, “Random Tuesday”, and “Involuntary Monk” by Edward Ji
“Introspection” by John Griffin
“Sunrise on Tuesday” by Darren Garner
“The Danger”, “Destitution Institution”, “Future Understanding” by M. Berniece Johnson
“A Memory” by David Layman
“A Forge of Slugs” by Kenneth Meyers
“Words Are Weapons” by Terrance “Boo-Boo” Tucker
“Aegri Somnia” by Rafael Vasquez
“Cholo Was the Best” by Stephen Wilson
“I Was a Husband” and “Madness” by Jessica Woudstra
“Every Hour Is Fifteen Degrees in a Prison Cell” by John Fenton
“Twin Towers “by Ocie Lee Wilson III
“here i am” by Sid Pair O’Dice
“Mom, Can You Leave the Light On?” by Donald Brown
“DmB” by Perry Cadue
“Thinking Back” by Phil Elliott
“What I See with My Eyes” by Robert L. Guillory
“Where Is Heaven?” by Nathaniel Harris
“Who Spends the Night Alone?” by Sumwan Bey-Xo Nierrhu
“Evil” by Patrick A. Kennedy
“Life Exchange” by Yamiley Mathurin
“The Epiphany” by Tony McAfee
“The Details”, “The Why’s of It”, and “Shock and Awe” by Juliette McShane
“The Last Poem” by John Purugganan
“Re-Creation” by William B. Whiters “aka Red Night
“Stardust” by Marcus Wilder
“Noise” by Robin Yeager
“Scars” by Damien M. Guerrero
Drama Finalists

One-Man Show (or “Asher”) by Christopher Myers
Oldhead by John Griffin
High Risk by Roy Gutierrez
The Canton Experiment by Benjamin Frandsen
Tryin to Change by Trent Kilgore
Maggie by Lyle May
Let Me Count the Ways by Keith Sanders
A Family Reunion of New Beginnings by Sandra Stamey
Love, Money, Family by Tevin Wilson
Fiction Finalists

As Close as You Get by Scott Gutches
Snowless Inside by Patrick Kinney
Careful What You Wish For by Ransom Scott
The Prophet Otis by Wendell Lindsay
The Awakening by Michael Drankus
A Dog Named Cat by Michael Fletcher
A Perfect Game by Robert Castilgia
86’d from the Hellshine Lounge by Andrew Conde
Just Plain Nuts by Bryan Picken
The Movement of Sound by Chelsea MiMicheal
Stairway from Heaven by Dennis Isbell
Heartland by Jacob Silva
The Boy with the red ball by Jimmy Devaugn
The Contingency Plan by Michael Washington
Alpha Wave by Nicholas D. Seidel
The Last Criminal by Roy Gutierrez
Warrior by Tywana Hines
Silver and Gold by David Layman
Hawks by James Lavigne
The Tower by Jason Gonzalez
Nonfiction Finalists:

For Shame by Sonya Reed
Cotton Patch Kid by Thomas Miller
Come Break Me Down by Chris Dankovich
Superman by Paul J. Reed
Perspectives on Firewood by Josiah Ivy
Making the Transition by Darron Williams
Wood, Dirt, and Corn by John Rodriguez
When the Numbness Goes Away by Adam Fuller
The Birth of My Shadow by Adam Hinds
It’s so Hard to Take a Piss in Jail and Halloween Call by Andres McKenzie
Flats Fiasco by Antonio Renteria
Velvet Jesus by Barbi Brown
How to Turn a Double Play by Bernie Augustyniak
Dog of My Dreams by Carla A. Serafin
What Tony Saw by Christopher K. Williams
The Saddest Day of My Life by Danate L. Shaw
Heidelberg Solitude by David J. Collver
Meal Ready to Eat by David P. Rhoades
Road Trip 1969 by David Ward
The Self-Destruction of America: Our Role in Undermining the Progress of the Nation by Demetrius Evans
Penned Behind Bars by Ethan Van Sice
Ants: the moral of a story by Gary Gilbert
Calamity on Logan Mountain by Heidi Hatcher
A Father’s Birth Story by J. Dallas Lockhart
Encountering Administration Segregation by Jeremy Busby
When We Were Cowboys by Jesse Sorrells
Letters by Johnny F. Adams
Death without Parole by John Purugganan
Spoils of My Misspent Youth by Joshua Bunn
The Importance of Being a Father in Prison by Larry Stephenson
A Soul on Fire: No Fairy Tales from This Young Black Males Coming Up in New Orleans by Lawrence Youngblood
Stan and Hell of a Holiday by Natasha Hodge
The Bull Ride by Timothy D.V. Bazrowx
Graphic Novel Finalists:

Untitled by Malcom Moore
Untitled by Martin Robertson
Like A Jungle by Javon Woodall

About Vidahlia Press

Vidahlia Press & Publishing House, Inc. is an independent publisher committed to giving a voice to artists from all walks of life and to nurturing talent from unexpected places worldwide. An open-minded publisher with a soul, Vidahlia is interested in taking individual stories and ideas and presenting them in beautiful and creative ways to a global audience via a wide variety of media.

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