Drug Rehab Center Scranton Offers New Treatments for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Drug Rehab Center Scranton Offers New Treatments for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Scranton, PA (PRWEB) September 28, 2013

The staff at Drug Rehab Center Scranton has designed new programs to appeal to addicts who want to become sober, but who may be afraid of the rehab process, think it will cost too much, take too much time away from their lives, or simply not work for them. With multiple options available and varying in price, treatment length, and therapy methods, it is easier than ever to overcome substance abuse and gain newfound sobriety. Treatments can be combined to create the perfect program for each and every patient.

Drug Rehab Center Scranton realizes that there are many reasons why addicts may be reluctant to seek help from a treatment center, or feel like a rehab program would be ineffective for them. The variety of comprehensive and customizable treatment options now available at Drug Rehab Center Scranton can help anyone overcome an addiction. Frank M., an addiction and recovery specialist at Drug Rehab Center Scranton, states, “Each person struggles with addiction in a different way, which is why it makes sense that they would overcome addiction through different methods of treatment.” Now there truly is no excuse to avoid treatment when suffering from addiction.

Frank continues, saying, “Traditional treatment methods like counseling and group therapy sessions are utilized because they are proven to provide the best help. But alternative therapies like yoga, art, and music are very helpful in their own ways as well.” These alternative therapies serve as fun and healthy ways to both obtain and maintain sobriety. “Art, for example, is very therapeutic,” Frank says. “It can help in the process of becoming sober. It can also be continued as a hobby or as an alternative to drug and alcohol use after treatment.” This is part of what makes these new alternative therapies so successful. The unique and individual care and help patients receive when they come to Drug Rehab Center Scranton for help provides them with the best possible chance of gaining and maintaining sobriety.

About Drug Rehab Center Scranton:

Drug Rehab Center is a treatment facility specializing in treating all forms of drug and alcohol abuse. Certified addiction specialists can help anyone overcome any addiction. If you are struggling with substance abuse, please seek help today by calling (570) 316-0912, or visit http://www.drugrehab-scranton.com for more information.

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