22nd Annual San Francisco Fringe Festival, Sept 6-21, Brings Exciting, Edgy Indie Theater

22nd Annual San Francisco Fringe Festival, Sept 6-21, Brings Exciting, Edgy Indie Theater

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) July 26, 2013

The 22nd Annual San Francisco Fringe Festival runs for 14 days, September 6-21, 2013, at the EXIT Theatreplex, 156 Eddy Street, in downtown San Francisco. This year, the run is longer (14, rather than 12 days) and extended to include three weekends. The only days the theatre is dark are Mondays.

There’s everything from sketch comedy to German Strum und Drang, from tales of a massage parlor to the horrors of parenting, from a Cliff’s Notes Macbeth to a journey through black music by a man who does a great James Brown. And a show performed on (and off) a bus.

Tickets for the 14-day San Francisco Fringe Festival, Sept. 6-21, are $ 10 (or less) at the door (cash only) and $ 12.99 (or less) online. The ten-show Frequent Fringer pass is $ 75, and a five-show pass is $ 45. The EXIT Theatreplex is within walking distance of Union Square and the Powell Street BART station. For complete listings of venues, shows, and times, go to http://www.sffringe.org. 1-415-673-3847.

Here’s a sampling of what’s offered for the 2013 SF Fringe, with performers from the Bay Area and all over the U.S., including Portland, OR, Sparks, NV, Aspen, CO, Madison, WI, Atlanta, and Flushing, NY.

Service workers take the stage, as a waitress and two bartenders weave their varied tales in Parly Girl (Sparks, NV) Serving Bait to Rich People (Aspen, CO), and The Tipped & the Tipsy (S.F.).

The scary effects of high-tech are aired in After the Tone (S.F.), a story of achieving digital immorality, and Singulariteen (Menlo Park) where a family confronts an astrophysical nightmare. For dessert, there’s Volcano (S.F.) a high-tech light show billed as an “electronic song adventure.”

Literati will love Luna Noctiluca (Pleasanton, CA), a Salome story from the works of Oscar Wilde, O Best Beloved (S.F.), based on Kipling’s Just So Stories, and Nightingale (Davis, CA), a dance piece covering romantic work from Ovid to Keats.

Press Contact: Gary Carr, 1-925-672-8717, carrpool(at)pacbell(dot)net

300 dpi photos available at the S.F. Fringe website, http://www.flickr.com/photos/sffringe.

San Francisco Fringe Festival – EXIT Theatre – 156 Eddy Street – San Francisco, CA 94102

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